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Patient Flow Manager

Patient Flow Manager 3.0 is the total solution for a practice to go paperless in as few steps as possible. This comprehensive solution ensures ease-of-use by integrating industry leading technology to help your practice achieve its goal of providing the best patient care possible instead of spending time and energy trying to figure out your EMR solution.

Key Features:

Cover Sheet

See the key pieces of information about your patient at-a-glance.


Add notes and scanned documents to the patient’s electronic chart. Notes are auto-populated with chart information, and the remaining pieces of the note can be typed or handwritten. We can use your practice’s current forms or provide our specialty-specific templates.

Add Medication

ePrescribing is as easy as choosing the right elements of the prescription. One click sends it to your patient’s pharmacy.


See and compare your patient’s lab results through time. Patient education can be printed based on any lab result to help your patient understand what the lab value means


Quickly add appointments by provider and location

Patient Flow

Keep track of the status of each patient on your appointment schedule as you progress through the day

Patient List Report

Search your practice’s patients by demographics, problems, medications, allergies, and labs

All of these features and more make Patient Flow Manager a next-generation EMR. Contact us for more information.