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Implementation Services

Whether establishing your first electronic medical record solution, upgrading to a new version, or adding additional functionality to your existing solution, ACIT’s Implementation Services can help your practice prepare for the upgrade. Our Implementation Team will review your current paper-based or electronic workflows and help your practice convert to an all electronic and paperless system in as straightforward a process as possible. No two practices are the same, so let our team design a custom solution for your practice with the following services:

  1. Implementation Process Roadmap

    The Implementation Team will work with your practice to develop an Implementation Process Roadmap that outlines the requirements for your practice, the current status of owned/leased equipment, and currently implemented solutions. With this information, a custom plan can be developed to smoothly transition to our electronic medical record solution.

  2. Best Practices Guidance and System Setup

    Using our background and experience with EMR solutions, our team will help your practice avoid common pitfalls and traps that can slow down your setup process.

  3. Data Transfer and Training

    With the system in place, we will assist with transitioning legacy electronic data and/or paper charts to our electronic system. We have relationships with companies that can offer secure, HIPAA compliant, bulk scanning of your practice’s entire paper medical record system for low cost and with fast turnover. This will ensure that on your practice’s go live date, all of the necessary information will be available at your fingertips.

    In addition, we will begin the process of training your staff. Using our online training environment, your staff will be able to use sample data and forms to work through each workflow that is relevant to his or her job description without fear of affecting actual patient data. We offer a range of training options, from online webinars to self-directed online videos to meet the complex scheduling requirements of your practice.

  4. Readiness Review and Go Live

    The final step is reviewing each step and making sure your practice is adequately prepared to go live. Once live, we’re here to support your practice with our standard and premium support options.

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