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Our training videos are the quickest way to get your practice online with the latest version of Patient Flow Manager. We have created 10 interactive videos that range from 5 minutes to 30 minutes on each key feature of the system. All of the training videos are best run in fullscreen in Internet Explorer 8 or later. Press the F11 key on your keyboard to expand to fullscreen.

1.   Introduction (6 minutes)
      Offers an overview of how to access basic functions within the system.

2.   Chart (28 minutes)
      Detailed discussion of the chart function, including how to add/edit/view clinical information.

3.   Appointments (8 minutes)
      Adding/editing appointments.

4.   Patient Flow (14 minutes)
      Using the Patient Flow module to keep your office hours running efficiently.

5.   Document Manager (11 minutes)
      Using the Document Manager to file non-clinical documents as well as faxes and batches.

6.   EForms (19 minutes)
      Detailed discussion of how to use EForms as well as new features found in version 3.0.

7.   Messaging (23 minutes)
      Electronic messaging, pharmacy refill requests, lab results, and workflow are all discussed.

8.   Order Entry-Medications (12 minutes)
      Adding/editing medication orders electronically.

9.   Order Entry-Labs (7 minutes)
      Adding/editing lab orders electronically.

10. Order Entry-Radiological Studies (4 minutes)
      Adding/editing radiological study orders electronically.