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Company Profile

Atlantic Cape IT, LLC (ACIT) addresses the complex world of healthcare information technologies by providing a low cost EHR application to medical providers. We’re a constantly growing company whose mission is to make the ever changing world of electronic medical records simple and approachable for the busy practitioner.

We have worked hard to set ourselves ahead of the pack in a marketplace dominated by complicated, expensive and non-practitioner focused solutions. Our goal is to offer a comprehensive, meaningful use certified solution that any practice can setup and use in as little as two weeks. Rather than changing the workflow that your practice has already developed, Patient Flow Manager mimics it. Encounters and notes that your practice is already using can be imported into the system and adjusted to make common fields automatically populate and the remaining fields editable by typing or handwriting. For most practitioners, learning how to efficiently fill out new encounter forms is the hardest part of the electronic transition. With our solution, it becomes the easiest.

Founded in 2001 by Michael Sindoni, MD, ACIT has been writing medical software that works to simplify and automate tasks that every practice faces in their daily routines. Each piece of our solution has been written by practitioners and beta tested in a live practice setting before being released. This is to ensure that the software’s interface and approach both makes clinical sense and actually makes the process it is supposed to replace easier for the practitioner and practice staff.